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Meet Our Team

Meet the Faces that Make the Magic Happen


Marianne Cyr

Executive Director of Horses Healing Haarts, Inc.

Founder Horses Healing Hearts, Inc.

Licensed Riding Instructor
Equine Connection, Associate Facilitator
Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator
Certified Horse Powered Reading & Math Facilitator

EquiFirst Aid Certified Instructor

Marianne grew up in a small town located in Salisbury, on the East Coast of Massachusetts in the USA. She developed a passion for horses at very young age living next to a horse farm as a child.  Marianne found herself spending time and working with the horses every chance she could get and was lucky enough to own her first horse Queen Bonnie, a Standardbred Trotter when she was just 13 years old.

Marianne spent 5 years working with youth and families in her community at a local social service agency called, The Pettengill House, in her early 20’s.  Her history with horses gave her first-hand knowledge of how effective they can be working with people of all ages and personalities. She quickly recognized that a career working with her horses addressing the various needs of individuals was what she truly wanted and needed to pursue.

After a 20 year separation from horses and owning her own embroidery/silk screening business, Marianne and her husband Joe knew they needed to get back to their roots and follow what was embedded in their hearts.  It all started with purchasing a run-down piece of property in Salisbury the summer of 2006 that is now known as the Lazy J Ranch.  Marianne and Joe spent many hours building barns, stalls, running fencing, clearing land and making paddocks for their farm, that has turned it into a beautiful place for their horses and other animals. In 2008, they brought home Stretch, the very first member of the Lazy J Ranch herd and one of their Equine Assisted Learning "EAL" teachers.

In 2021 Marianne became an Associate Facilitator for Equine Connection, their Building Block Curriculum is the foundation of the Equine Assisted Learning Programs at Horses Healing Hearts.  In addition, Marianne is a Licensed Riding Instructor, Certified Facilitator of Horse Powered Reading and Certified Instructor of Equine First Aid, at the Lazy J Ranch home of Horses Healing Hearts. Marianne is dedicated to creating a safe, compassionate environment for anyone seeking to confidently move forward in their lives, both personally and professionally.

1 (978) 999-1411

Elizabeth Shea

Equine Connection, Associate Facilitator
Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator
Certified Horse Powered Reading & Math Facilitator

EquiFirst Aid Certified Instructor
Program Director

​Elizabeth grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, USA and like most young girls had a deep love for horses. She enjoyed spending her days caring for and spending time with various horses her family had while growing up. Elizabeth married her high school sweetheart, for 20 yrs they enjoyed the adventures of military life as her husband served in the US Army. Those adventures included traveling the world, starting a family, homeschooling their children and volunteering in their communities. After experiencing an equine assisted activity with her husband at a Wounded Warriors event in Germany, Elizabeth knew equine assisted activities were the bridge between her love for horses and compassion for people. Upon returning to the states in 2017 Elizabeth became certified in Equine Assisted Learning through the Equine Connection and started her journey as an equine entrepreneur. Elizabeth soon found her passion for helping other entrepreneurs along their journeys. The next few years were spent learning how to weave together her love of horses, passion for serving entrepreneurs along with her organizational and managerial strengths. That journey led her to start HOPE Equine Academy where she empowers equine entrepreneurs with time management skills and personal development courses with horses.

In 2021 after meeting Marianne Cyr at an Equine Connection training, Elizabeth and Marianne decided to start their collaboration of running EAL programs at Marianne’s facility, the Lazy J Ranch. Together they are dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming place for anyone seeking to confidently move forward in their lives, both personally and professionally. They currently serve youth, women, veterans and first responders with their programs at the Lazy J.

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Cortney Howarth

My name is Cortney, and I've been working with horses since 2009. Although I never had the opportunity to ride while growing up, I gained valuable experience learning the basics of grooming, handling, and care of numerous horses. I feel these are essential skills and the foundation needed to become the best horse partner a horse can have. These lessons should bever be bypassed or overlooked.


In 2014, I started riding and I haven't stopped since. I trained with USEF Judge and Silver Medalist Keith Angstadt and USDF Judge and Bronze Medalist Lynda Angstadt for three years. I schooled through training level dressage and learned a lot from working with the Angstadt team and their daughter Kaylee. Kaylee has helped me broaden my education and trained me how to drive and fine-tune my dressage skills.


Most recently, I've been training with USEF Judge and USDF Gold Medalist Melanie Cerny to achieve some of my training goals for 2024 and expand my education even further. Additionally, I've been working with Toby Tyler to learn a whole new skill and discipline in Western Ranch Riding.


Over the past ten years, I've had a blast learning many incredible skills that I can't wait to pass on to future riders. As humans, we are always learning, and as an instructor, I believe in safety, an open mind, patience, and having fun. I love all aspects of horses and enjoy teaching basic care, needs, nutrition, anatomy, horsemanship, and riding skills.

Licensed Riding Instructor

EquiFirst Aid Certified Instructor

Anielle Iwanicki

Licensed Instructor
Certified Horse Powered Reading & Math Facilitator

Hi! My name is Anielle Iwanicki, I go by Ani! I am a Certified Horse Powered Reading Instructor and a Licensed Riding Instructor. I currently lease Sonja, a 7 year old Norwegian Fjord Horse, we have a very close bond and continue to learn about each other everyday.  Sojna and I do many things together, including dressage, western, and jumping our favorite. I graduated from Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School in 2018 with a certificate in Equine Science.


During my time studying at Westfield State University, I was a part of their Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association Team competing in hunter jumper classes. I graduated from there in 2022 with my bachelor’s in Social Work and Bachelors in Theatre Studies.


I am currently studying my Master’s in Social Work from Westfield State University with a focus in Health Social Work and will be Graduating in May of 2024. I hope to work with a wide array of clients in my Social Work Practice alongside horses to provide Equine Therapy for more of an eclectic approach.


Jessica Hamilton

Licensed Riding Instructor

Certified Horse Powered Reading & Math Facilitator

Hello, my name is Jessica… I have been horseback riding for the past eight years. I consider myself a passionate equestrian with years of riding experience. I'm enthusiastic about all things equine and have tried my hand at various riding disciplines, including dressage, western, jumping, eventing, and reining. When it comes to teaching, I believe in an all-inclusive approach that caters to people of all ages and skill levels, ensuring the best lesson experience possible. I like to teach from the ground up showing people the importance of taking care of the horse as well as riding them. 
I am a Certified Horse Powered Reading Facilitator and currently an Equine Science Major.


Emma Daniels

LMHC, MA Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Emma is a LMHC, and the owner of Mind Over Matter Counseling Services, LLC offering services at Lazy J Ranch funded by Horses Healing Hearts. Emma provides a safe and welcoming place for you to work on what's important, you! Providing individual therapy specializing in working with female clients ages 12+, working with clients with a variety of life stressors and behavioral health concerns. Providing support, guidance, psychoeducation, and a listening ear. It's hard to step out of your comfort zone, it's also hard to feel stuck and unsure what direction to take in life. 

Emma has experience working in residential settings along with both PHP and IOP programs, and outpatient therapy. Utilizing a variety of therapeutic modalities in order to meet each individual where they are at. I believe that each client is an individual and that there is no cookie cutter mold for counseling.

It's not always easy to open up and share your emotions, feelings, fears, or dreams. Emma's goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment so that she can help you with your goals and aspirations in life. We all struggle sometimes, but we don't have to struggle silently, or alone.


Emma has been a part of the equine community for over 30 years, and has been working within the mental health field for the past decade. 


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