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Family Herd Workshop
Bringing Families Closer Together!

Supporting Families of Veterans
& First Responders

Mental health issues are often thought of as purely individual problems, but they can also have a huge impact on families. This is especially true for families of veterans and first responders who struggle with mental health problems. These families face unique challenges and often feel isolated and alone. They need our support too.

Our Family Herd Workshops provide a safe space where everyone can participate together. Building strong bonds and improving relationships within families suffering from PTSD and other mental health related issues.


Bring Families Closer Together

By Working With Horses!

When most people hear the word 'horse,' they probably think of riding, Westerns, and cowboys. While horses can be great for those activities, there's so much more that they can do! In fact, horses can help improve family relationships.


Horses are able to help us in ways that other animals cannot because they are prey animals. This means that they have an incredible ability to read human body language and emotions. Because of this, horses can help families work through issues and learn how to trust one another again. They provide a safe space where families can communicate without judgement or fear of retribution. Horses are also incredibly non-judgmental. They listen without interruption so everyone in the family feels safe to share their thoughts and feelings with each other.

Our Family Herd Workshops help families thrive by teaching them how to communicate effectively with one another in order for everyone to learn together while building an unbreakable bond. 


What’s Included In This Family Program?

  • Hands on Programs, to Build Skills Essential for Family Life. 

  • Learn How To Communicate & Listen To Each Other More Effectively. 

  • Exercises Designed to Help Your Family Solve Problems by Coming Together To Resolve Differences.

  • Have Greater Appreciation Of Other Members' Efforts & Contributions.

  • PLUS... You will also receive a guide to dinner table conversations that will open up communication in your family, help address any issues in day-to-day life, and learn how to healthily celebrate each other's successes!

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