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Therapeutic Riding

Healing... Confidence... Self Esteem

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Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding is considered an Equine-Assisted Activity, rather than Equine Therapy, therapeutic riding is less formal than equine-assisted psychotherapy or hippotherapy and has proven effective in helping children heal from trauma, as well as improve confidence and self-esteem.

Therapeutic riding involves riding horses under the supervision of a certified therapeutic riding instructor. The therapy focuses on understanding and cooperating with the horse, and is effective for building self esteem and self efficacy in participants.

The therapist may use various techniques, such as relaxation exercises or guided imagery, to help the participant manage their emotions and develop coping skills. Therapeutic riding can help individuals with substance use disorders improve their physical fitness and develop a sense of self-confidence and independence.

Therapeutic horseback riding is incorporated at summer camps for victims of abuse and human trafficking, and horse riding is often used as a way of teaching life skills and treating children who have been exposed to these painful experiences.

We invite you to learn more about the different types of equine therapy that we offer at Horses Healing Hearts of Salisbury by scheduling a free Meet & Greet with our team. Horses Healing Hearts home base is located at Lazy J Ranch

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