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Where women gain strength, confidence and love from within!

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Find Your Authentic You with Horses:

Take the Steps to Make Your Change Now

Women are constantly bombarded with expectations from society. We're told that we need to look a certain way, act a certain way, and follow the same patterns as other women in order to be accepted. It's no wonder why so many of us struggle with feeling confident about who we are!

Fortunately for you, there is a place where you can find your true authentic self again: with horses. Horses have been working with humans since the beginning of time and have provided us with such an important perspective on life. They are incapable of lying or judging as humans do; so it's easy to feel empowered when working with them!

A horse can not lie and no matter how you try to put on a façade about who you are, the horse is able to detect all the stimulus in you and it is through the horse, your journey begins in change.


What Do We Learn In This 2-Day Life-Changing Workshop For Women?

In this workshop specifically for women, you will learn how to work with horses to gain a better understanding of yourself. (No riding involved!) At the end of the day, we all want to feel confident in who we are: our uniqueness is what makes us special!

This workshop is perfect for those looking to get back on their path or find balance in their life and will drive you with answers for self-awareness of your actual true self!

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What's Included In This Women's Workshop?

Like many women, we spend a lot of money on the outside of ourselves. Isn’t it time that we put our money into our insides and build those skills that are authentic to us? That is where the true beauty of who you are exists!

Over 2-Days, you will walk away with a new perspective on life and with skills that apply to your everyday living. The horses will move you to your potential so that you have the opportunity to find your authentic you!

Workshop Includes:

  • Your personal success guide and direction book

  • Sessions with horses who you will work with as your vehicle to bring about personal change

  • Communication assessment - this is not only great for you to get a better understanding of what your needs are but also additionally gives you insight into what those around you need

  • Country lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the two days

  • Gifts and tools to use and take back with you to your real life

  • The workshop will provide an opportunity for women who share common interests to meet and interact in a safe environment.

  • A life-changing workshop

  • Authentic You: a powerful experience that is driven with solutions

Unlock Your Full Potential

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Take the first step on your path to happiness and well-being by attending this workshop for women.

The workshops we offer at Horses Healing Hearts, are not meant to be quick fixes, but rather a process through which you learn about yourself.

The horses are living creatures whose honesty cannot be disputed. Horses are able to see through the chaos and help guide us to who we really are. The connection with them will help you find those authentic parts of yourself that

have been hidden away and guide you to live in tune with who you want to be and who you are. 

Doesn't it seem worth the investment in yourself — to know that what you do every day is sincerely coming from YOU, and not anyone else.

It's time you take action!

Start Your Journey of Self-Discovery Today!


What People Are Saying

"The Authentic You Women's Workshop was an amazing experience. The women who run this workshop are funny, caring, compassionate and truly create a space where you feel welcome, comfortable and empowered. Although I love horses, I don't have much experience with them. Despite being a bit skeptical about what a horse could really teach me, I was awed at how much I learned through them. It was truly magical. Approximately nine months later, I am still finding that I am learning things from this experience as I reflect back. I made some amazing connections with other women as we supported each other throughout the weekend. I would highly recommend this fun, informative, uplifting and inspiring course for any woman who is struggling to find herself. The course and the women who teach it are one of a kind."


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