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Life Skills Programs

Building Resiliency Through Life Skills Development

Who We Support & Help


Why Do We Work With Horses?

The single most asked question is, why do we work with horses?


Nature provides horses with instincts and senses that are very astute. For their mere survival, a wild horse must be aware of their surroundings and quick to react. They watch for the slightest movement, especially threatening body posture. Horses know how to discern the difference between a calm non-threatening approach and anxious, nervous energy; immediately identifying individuals struggling internally. 

When we can understand that they are sensitive to the stimulus of each participant, when they react to the stimulus through changes in their body language, participants must adjust their feelings and behaviors to work successfully with the horses. As facilitators listen to a horse’s non-verbal communication, together, they have the ability to walk participants through to finding life-altering change.

Participants are guided by the horses and facilitators to come to their own decisions and work on building life skills for where they are at right now! To move forward with their lives, to build skills and to truly tap into their potential!



What Is Equine Assisted Learning?

Equine Assisted Learning is an approach to human development that encourages individual and team growth. Participants engage in objectively driven exercises while working with horses without venturing into Equine Therapy. These skill building programs have proven to be a powerful, positive educational program for participants - it just might change your life!

The focus is not on horsemanship, and there is no horseback riding involved, but rather are developed to develop life skills through validated, hands-on experiences. 


These life-changing programs are designed to help empower women  in their life journeys, helping them to move forward with confidence and reclaim their power by building critical life skills that are paralleled back to their own worlds in a safe and unique environment!


Men are always being told to do better and more. Let’s put an end to that stigma as we help men discover the tools and skills for them to become their best selves!

Our men's program is designed with specific objectives to give them the tools and skills to become their best self, it will help them regain control of their relationships, career, health and so much more while working on themselves from within. Through this course, we help men gain new experiences while building their confidence at the same time!


These programs help our youth at risk to build an armor of skills so they know how to protect themselves and move forward with all that life throws at them and have self-awareness about their own behavior through the powerful teacher, the horse!


These highly effective programs support veterans to move forward in their lives by giving them the skills to help them gain resiliency and also to help make the transition easier from military life to civilian life.

First Responders

These highly effective programs help first responders suffering from PTSD by giving them the skills to cope with the fears and anxiety e brought o by the stressful situations they are faced with on a daily basis. 


Our group programs give team members tools and strategies to work together effectively, make better decisions and resolve issues. Helping teams to move through the blockages improving communication, knowledge, loyalty, productivity and unity.

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