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Wild West

Horse Powered Reading Fest

Horse Powered Reading & Math Gallops into Salisbury.


Horses Healing Hearts, Inc., Lazy J Ranch, Salisbury Parks and Recreation and the Lower Merrimac Valley Boys and Girls Club are thrilled to be hosting the 1st Annual Wild West Horse Powered Reading Fest.

A unique and innovative program that is not only fun but a wonderful opportunity for children of all ages to interact with horses in a safe and educational setting that encourages reading and math.

The event will feature Wild West themed games and activities that integrate Reading and Math skills using the globally recognized Horse Powered Reading curriculum lead by our Certified HPR Facilitators. Children will discover connection, confidence and empowerment by connecting with our trained Equine Assisted Learning horses “their reading buddies” while having fun, learning and making new friends. Each station is designed to help children improve their reading and math skills by building confidence through interacting with their teachers (horses) in a non-traditional setting. The horses are gentle, patient and provide a calming presence for young readers helping them overcome their fears and anxiety. In addition to the reading sessions, there will be horse-themed games and crafts. Our team of volunteers will be on-hand to assist with the activities and answer questions about the Horse Powered Reading & Math and Equine Assisted Learning programs offered at the Lazy J Ranch in Salisbury throughout the year.

Help us bring our community together by spending the afternoon with the children in a unique and wonderful way.

Let’s make a difference, one horse, one child, one skill, one opportunity at a time!

Proceeds to Benefit 

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