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Group Programs

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Group Programs

Professional Development Programs with a unique approach to Leadership and Team Development. HORSE teachers! (There is no riding our teachers; they are with us to provide answers and honest feedback.) Our objectively driven programs build trust, collaboration and communication in a fun and engaging atmosphere NOT a competitive atmospheres like many other team building options! Participants develop individual and team based skills, impacting both their personal and professional lives. We work closely with you to ensure each experience is specifically tailored to address your team's particular objectives and goals.


What makes this team building program so different?


Having honest, immediate and totally non-judgmental feedback, horses are a leveler that no human can match. They have no agenda, and know nothing about the office politics – they don’t know if you are a CEO or the intern. Horses react to the real person. 

Through a series of group based activities with the horses, participants build greater awareness of themselves and their colleagues. As a result they improve communication and leadership skills, focus and motivation. Further developing emotional intelligence, self-confidence and self-awareness that lays the foundation for truly authentic leadership and effective teamwork.

What People Are Saying

Learning these skills by working with horses optimizes team performance with improved understanding and collaboration.  It Provides managers and teams the opportunity to align their innate desire for strong performance with their actual results.

Gregg Smith

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