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Healing... Confidence... Self Esteem



Hippotherapy is a form of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, co-facilitated by a licensed physical, occupational or speech therapist, as well as a certified equine specialist. The name hippotherapy draws on the Latin roots for the words “horse” and “healing.” Hippotherapy may be employed by an occupational therapist helping a client return from a work-related injury, or a speech and language therapist working with a client who is struggling to deal with a speech impediment.

Hippotherapy is designed to help patients with neuromuscular disorders improve balance, coordination and body control. For children with cerebral palsy, hippotherapy with a certified equine therapist has been shown to be beneficial for helping them improve their self-awareness and feeling of unity with their body.

Hippotherapy is best understood as a form of physical therapy, in contrast to equine assisted psychotherapy, which focuses on mental health. It is often used for people with traumatic brain injuries, who may need to re-learn their capabilities through physical therapy sessions with a licensed physical therapist.

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